DEEKA Lite is a single kit (Exclude pod)
The 5 major features of the DEEKA Lite :
1. Compatible with 99% of the infinity kit and infinity plus kit on the market. Especially for RELX, it is perfectly compatible, and other brands such as INFY, MARBO, JUES ,KS can be used normally, without burning.
2. Black/white of DEEKA Lite coated with rubber paint. The feel is matte, increasing the grip, and not easy to fall off. At the same time, it absorbs sweat and does not stick to fingerprints.
3. In addition to black and white, there are also dark blue and gradient colors (bright surface, no rubber paint), rich in color, suitable for most people.
4. Powerful, perfect suction experience. The power is about 7.2W, higher than the industry's 6.5W.
5. The internal structure of the fuselage is airtight, the airway is abundant and smooth, and there is no air leakage phenomenon.